Women & Business Profile: Rachael Rennebeck

“... Making mistakes and experiencing some degree of failure makes us learn and grow.”

Final 220606 Pghmag Wib Rachaelrennebeck R Dsc 8072Rachael Rennebeck
Partner/Owner; Partner/Co-host
YaJagoff Media LLC; YaJagoff Podcast

If Pittsburghers haven’t heard of Rachael Rennebeck, they’ve at least heard her — she’s one of two voices behind “YaJagoff,” an award-winning podcast about all things Pittsburgh.

Initially a blog with the same name, “YaJagoff” the podcast was created in 2015 by Pittsburgher John Chamberlin. Rennebeck chipped in with some of her marketing and creative content before becoming a co-host of the show in 2017. That same year, Rennebeck and Chamberlin joined forces to form YaJagoff Media LLC, a media company that provides marketing, public relations, video content, and social media management to businesses and agencies looking to enhance their branding.

Rennebeck, who’s “chaotically organized” and “beyond determined,” contributes her original content and refreshing humor from a female perspective to each episode. In return, she’s had the opportunity to interview hometown favorites, including NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris and esteemed dietician Lesli Bonci. Rennebeck also uses “YaJagoff” as an outlet to magnify less familiar faces in Pittsburgh, such as the ice curator at PPG Paints Arena and a college student developing a more sustainable form of chewing gum.

But “YaJagoff’s” pertinence in the Pittsburgh community goes beyond Yinzers tuning in for a weekly podcast. Rennebeck has used the platform to host a social injustice education panel, produce a concert that raised $30,000 for the Community Liver Alliance and events with football MVP Santonio Holmes to bring awareness to Sickle Cell Disease.

In addition to raising awareness, Rennebeck also raises spirits.

“We proudly claim the title of emcees at The Picklesburgh pickle juice drinking contest and never miss a chance to wish our podcast guests well with our February 17th cards, which mean nothing except that we appreciate the friendship on a random day,” she says.

What’s Rennebeck’s advice to other women in business?

“‘Tomorrow is a new day’ helps me remember that in this moment I can cry it out, perhaps eat all the ice cream in sight and vent vehemently to a fair listener. All of that is preparation for the next day,” she says. “[Tomorrow] is a new opportunity to start over and leave the day before behind knowing that we are human and expected to make mistakes. After all, making mistakes and experiencing some degree of failure makes us learn and grow.”

What’s the best advice she’s ever received?

“Time heals. Be a sponge. Or my dad’s favorite — no one said life was easy,” Rennebeck says.Sponsored content is created and paid for by the marketer.

Sponsored content is created and paid for by the marketer.

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