Why You Might Want a Clear-Panel Mask

Rose Morris, founder of Abram’s Nation, saw a clear need for transparent masks.


As we figure out the best way to live with masks, a local company has a clear alternative.

The transparent masks produced by Abram’s Nation, owned by Rose Morris, is designed to help not only people who rely on lip-reading because they are deaf or hard of hearing but children as well.

“Kids are so visual and they don’t really understand everything that’s going on so we knew that we had an area that we could help and support and just make a positive impact,” Morris says. Abram’s Nation in Gibsonia specializes in products for people with special needs but Morris says everyone can benefit from a clear mask.

Cleaer Masks

“We all are visually clued into what people are saying by watching and seeing context, so it’s just really helpful,” Morris says.

She also says that it’s just nice to smile at people.

“I think [smiling] just gives us a little more sense of normal, even though we are masked and that doesn’t feel normal,” Morris says.

For more information or to order, visit the website here.

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