Why ‘Kitten Season’ Is Much More Serious Than It Sounds

The summer months are when hundreds of stray, feral and community kittens end up at Animal Friends.


Each year as spring turns to summer, our region faces a unique but very serious challenge known as kitten season. During these warm months, stray, feral and community cats give birth to litters of kittens and organizations like Animal Friends struggle to accommodate the overwhelming influx of young felines coming through their doors.

And this year is no different.


With such an increase in cats in need of immediate help and a limited amount of space, volunteers and resources, kitten season can be a difficult time for any shelter. Over the past few months at Animal Friends, we have welcomed hundreds of kittens in need of a lifesaving second chance.

Although we continue to work to proactively and humanely reduce the feline population in our community through aggressive spay/neuter programs, there are countless kittens who have already been born and need love and care.


Many stray kittens are exposed to fleas, ticks, upper respiratory problems and countless other medical complications. With very fragile immune systems, kittens under 4 weeks old require 24-hour supervision and must receive deworming and flea treatments every two weeks.

As we continue to admit and care for dozens upon dozens of kittens – some as young as just a few days old – into our progressive and compassionate network of care, we need your help. During this time of year, resources are already stretched particularly thin. Add in the complications of operating in the midst of a pandemic and the flood of kitten admissions has us underwater.

But, you can help Animal Friends continue to save lives – and have fun at the same time. For your gift of $100 or $250, not only will you support the cost of their care, but you can name a kitten or an entire litter!


Every dollar truly makes a difference as we work to accommodate this overwhelming influx of young, fragile kittens. Please give – the kittens are counting on you.

Animal Friends has been awarded a four-star rating by Charity Navigator for 12 consecutive years – recognizing the best, most responsible use of donors’ gifts.

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