Watch and Sing Along: Pittsburgh Couple’s Quarantine Parody

Clair and Mel Vatz reworked the lyrics of Simon & Garfunkel's 1966 song “Homeward Bound” into a YouTube video that's generated hundreds of thousands of views.

Clair and Mel Vatz told Chicago radio station WGN that they have been writing “stupid parody songs” for a long time.

“Thanks to all who have watched this and made such touching comments,” Mel wrote on his YouTube page. “We had no idea that this video that we sent to a few friends and family would reach so many people. It is very humbling and great fun. We are glad to be able to create a few moments of joy and some laughter. Stay safe, sheltered and healthy.”

Below are the lyrics if you want to sing along.

“We’re All Home Bound: The CoronaVirus Song”
A parody of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” by Claire and Mel Vatz

I’m sitting here in isolation, waiting for a vaccination
Stock market’s down, the stores are closed
Retirement plans are surely hosed
Toilet paper’s running low, it’s a good thing I don’t have to go …

We’re all homebound
How long will we
Still be homebound

Home, keeping social distance
Home, without friends’ assistance
Home, the government’s insistence
Stuck in our houses

I’m getting used to sleeping late
Should clean the house, but it can wait
I try to work from my PC
But soon, the fridge is calling me
I eat some snacks, turn on TV
Without Netflix, what would life be?

We’re all homebound
How long will we
Still be homebound

Home, ‘til the virus dies out
Home, ‘til the groceries run out
Home, ‘til the wine’s all drunk
We’re stuck in our houses

So please, just stay in your own space
Don’t shave so you don’t touch your face
Wash your hands until they’re raw
For 20 seconds, that’s the law
The curve will flatten, we’ll have seen
The ending to COVID-19

We’re all homebound
How long will we
Still be homebound

Home ‘til the virus dies out
Home ‘til the groceries run out
Home ‘til the wine’s all drunk
And we have defeated

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