Ultimate House Designs: The Bedrooms

See what the PerLora design team has dreamed up for the sleeping areas of this luxury penthouse.

As you might imagine in a $2.65 million luxury terrace penthouse Downtown, the bedrooms are amazing spaces.

“Using the glorious nearly 360-degree view enveloping this pied-a-terre in the sky, our team envisioned bringing that sense of openness to the bedrooms; using glass legs, expansive headboards and creatively shaped pieces, we evoked a sense of serene, sensuous luxury,“ says the PerLora Design team.

“Our team’s favorite piece, hands-down, is the custom-made Italian bed with the expansive wood headboard and glass blade legs, which brings an unexpected lightness to such a large piece – a true stunner!”

Read more here about the owners behind PerLora and their involvement in Ultimate House.

See the space for yourself at Pittsburgh Magazine’s 5th Annual Ultimate House starting Feb. 21.  Click here for ticket information.

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