Things to Do: Nov. 15-17


The Best Reason to Leave Your House This Weekend
Mummies of the World: The Exhibition
Continues Through April 19
Carnegie Science Center

You really can’t believe you’re seeing some of the stuff in this exhibition.

Mummies of the World, a traveling exhibition that opened last month at the Carnegie Science Center, is not merely a collection of the Egyptian artifacts you’ll immediately associate with mummification. To be sure, there are sarcophagi and their delicately wrapped contents on display — and looking up close at 2,000-year-old teeth will make you consider your place in the world. But the exhibit contains much more than that, including a fascinating exploration of natural mummification — people and animals preserved accidentally by environmental factors.

Is it creepy to share a room with an entire family who died of tuberculosis 250 years ago? Yes. Is it fascinating? Absolutely.

And that’s before you get to the shrunken heads.

The exhibition, which continues through April, is something of a must-visit due to its remarkable contents. It’s also a fine opportunity for a grown-up day at the Science Center; pair it with a movie at the Giant Cinema (by the way, they’re reviving “The Sound of Music” this weekend) and a stop in Roboworld and you’ll quickly remember that this place is absolutely not just for kids.

Sara Bareilles
8 p.m. Friday
UPMC Events Center

I’d like to weigh in on the new UPMC Events Center, a mid-sized arena on the campus of Robert Morris University. The Colonials’ brand-new home basketball court is having something of a coming-out party this month, with a concert from Bob Dylan (which I attended) last Sunday and an appearance by Sara Bareilles this Friday night. It sounds great and the intimacy is impressive; if you get a seat off the floor to the side of the stage, it’ll feel like you’re right on top of the band. The bad news: Parking is a nightmare and finding your seat is clunky. Allow plenty of time to both arrive and make it to your section when attending shows. The logistics notwithstanding, a headlining performance by all-around star — hit Broadway show writer, Tony Award host, multi-time Grammy nominee, televised “Jesus Christ Superstar” actress — Bareilles is more than worth your time.

“The Kitchen Sink”
8 p.m. Friday; 2 & 8 p.m. Saturday; 6 p.m. Sunday
New Hazlett Theater

Attack Theatre presents “The Kitchen Sink,” a mélange of new, reimagined and repertory works. Drawing on original music from 25 years of past productions, directors Michele de la Reza and Peter Kope create new choreography for “Which Came First?”, an interplay between movement and music. Programming includes a reworked and expanded version of 2004’s “Dressed to Remember,” in which a couple reflects on their relationship, and the premiere of “We Were Strangers,” an ensemble work assembled from drawings, ideas and movements contributed by email from past artistic collaborators. — Karen Dacko

Fast Fest
Opens Friday; Continues Through Nov. 21
Row House Cinema

For a while, the “Fast and Furious” series consisted of entertaining-if-forgettable car-racing movies. Now they’re about saving the world from pressing existential threats, landing somewhere between James Bond and “Mission: Impossible” with far more ridiculous performances and references to the importance of family. If you checked out of this series a decade ago, pop back in via Row House’s weeklong celebration. You can even pair your viewing with Brazilian Food (Friday) or thematically appropriate beers (next Thursday).

Cookies and Candles: Autumn Harvest
6 p.m. Friday
The Candle Lab

Candles and cookies and cocktails, oh my! The Candle Lab and the Call Me Crazy Cookie Lady team up to provide an evening of fall festivities at the Lawrenceville shop. First, you’ll mix your own custom-scented candle and design a label. Then, you’ll learn how to decorate six autumn-themed cookies. Bring a bottle of your favorite beer or wine and get your last taste of fall before the holiday season. — Jesseca Muslin

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