“The Fandom” Explores Pittsburgh’s Furry Gathering

Although Anthrocon was canceled due to the pandemic, viewers can learn more about furries in a new documentary.

Although Pittsburgh’s popular Anthrocon was canceled due to COVID-19, fans of the event can still revel in “The Fandom” documentary, out now.

Anthrocon, the annual furry convention held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown, has taken place over the Fourth of July holiday weekend since 2006. The event has grown every year, and has turned into a source of income for local businesses and local nonprofits, according to the documentary.

“I want to put to bed a lot of the misconceptions people have about the fandom,” Ash Kreis, director and cinematographer of “The Fandom,” told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I want to address those questions and be real with them, but also really show the community as it is.”

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Producer Phil Kreis told the paper he wanted to break down how it only takes a few people who want to come together to make something for everyone. The documentary explores the history of furry culture and how it has grown into national conventions.

“The Fandom” is one of three notable documentaries about furries in the last five years. It will be available on Amazon Prime, Youtube, Blu-Ray and digital download. 

“When they said they wanted to do something about the history, I thought there was a great opportunity there because I think that’s an untapped idea within the community,” Phil Kreis told the Post-Gazette.

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