The Best Seats in the House

When it comes to watching the Penguins, Pirates or Steelers – the best seats in the house aren’t always the most expensive. Here are three spots at each venue with great views and prices that won’t break the bank.
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PNC Park

Section 316, Row K
Call it the purist’s area. The upper section behind home plate offers the most complete vantage point for the game in progress; from here, you can easily see everything from the direction of a pitch to the positioning of the outfielders.

Section 222, Row D
The amenities in the Pittsburgh Baseball Club level are nothing to sneer at. Head into the club level concourse and you’ll find a full bar, pool tables, exclusive food offerings and more — access to all of which is included with your seat in this section. Make sure you arrive early to enjoy those bonus features, though, because the game looks great from here.

Section 135, Row A
You’ll have to focus to suss out intricacies on the basepaths from this far spot in the outfield, but lean forward and you’ll feel like you’re standing on the warning track. Bonus note for collectors and parents: Usually, the Pirates’ left fielder will toss a warmup ball into the crowd around this section at the beginning of each inning.

Heinz Field


Heinz Field

Section 535
Admittedly, bargain Steelers tickets are few and far between; you’re better off chasing one-off, quick-sale secondary market tickets in a given section (hence why we haven’t chosen rows for Heinz Field) than trying for a specific seat. No seat will be bad in 535, though; this is the most complete view of the field in the building.

Section 522
For younger fans, this will look familiar: It is, essentially, the “Madden” view, the end-down look at the field through the goalposts familiar from football video games. If you’ve picked up a controller, you’ll recognize plays as they develop (and since end seats are less coveted, you’ll save a few bucks).

Section 506
End-zone adjacent seats are rough if you’re down low; it’s a bad angle. In the upper sections, though, you’ll still have a view of the full field. Up here, you’ll be in the throes of rowdy fans, as well; it’s a quintessential, if chaotic, Steelers experience.



PPG Paints Arena

Section 207, Row Q
You’re a 15-second walk from a bar, concessions and the bathroom; you can easily slip in and out of your seat as if you were in your living room. The view of the ice is excellent; turn around and look at the concourse behind you, and you’ll also get a striking view of the city skyline through the glass facade.

Section 211, Row A
OK, so you don’t care about beer or toilet proximity; you want to get a great view, and you don’t want to spend a car payment to get it. Section 211 is directly behind the net in the end the Penguins attack twice; from here, you can see the whole play develop, with no one in front of you. It’s a great seat for smart fans.

Section 116, Edge 1
These seats didn’t exist when the place opened; originally, this territory was standing room for those last few ticket buyers. A few seasons in, however, staff converted the back of select downstairs sections into, essentially, bar seating — a high-top seat with a small counter. You’ll get a decent view over the heads of the fans in front of you, and you’ll save some cash.

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