Terry Bradshaw’s New Song Describes Life in Quarantine

Proceeds from the single, which was inspired by a comment from Bradshaw's wife, will go to a good cause.

Former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw says he feels like the rest of us: He’s tired of being cooped up.

Granted, Bradshaw lives on an 800-acre quarterhorse ranch near the Texas-Oklahoma border, a far cry from a one-bedroom apartment in the South Side Slopes.

After six weeks at home with his wife, Tammy, his three grandchildren and nine dogs, Bradshaw told Rolling Stone that a comment from his wife inspired him to record “Quarantine Crazy.”

“I was on the phone in my office with Buddy Martin, a really great sportswriter I’ve known for 30-something years. And we were talking football, and Tammy’s in the kitchen and she hollers at me and says, ‘Terry! I’m going quarantine crazy!’ I said, ‘Quarantine crazy? Hey, that’s a country song title.’ I said, ‘Buddy, I’ll call you back.’”

With the help of songwriter Jimmy Yeary, the duo recorded the song and released it late last week. Bradshaw may be best known for his football career, but he’s also performed and recorded country and gospel music for more than 40 years.

The song is available on iTunes, Spotify and other online music providers.

Bradshaw says proceeds from the single will be directed toward food banks.

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