Ten of Our Favorite Posts About The Switch to Acrisure Stadium

Steelers fans are funny when they’re mad.
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Now that the cat is out of the bag and Heinz Field will officially become Acrisure Stadium, Pittsburghers wasted little time in expressing their disapproval of the move. In fact, there’s already a petition on Change.org protesting the name, which has received more than 1,700 signatures as of Friday morning. 

The Steelers aren’t likely to give back the reported $150 million they received from the Michigan-based insurance broker — a whopping figure that more than doubles the original $57 million deal the team made with Heinz in 2001. But if there’s a silver lining, it’s that Pittsburghers are funny when they’re mad. Here are some of our favorite posts to come out of the great name change debacle. 

  1. An allusion to “Batman”

2. It took Pittsburgh Clothing Company less than an hour after the name change was announced to come up with this merch:

3. Is anyone really going to call it that?

4. At least this would keep it local…

5. A sign of the times.

6. Too soon?

7. That’s gotta hurt…

8. The sinkhole bus is almost as iconic as Heinz Field.

9. When Pittsburghers find a brand they love, nothing else compares.

10. The numbers don’t lie.

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