Storehouse Neutral is Opening a New Storefront in Upper Lawrenceville

The retail store sells home decor, apparel and jewelry handcrafted by local makers.


From starting an at-home business that sells apparel, jewelry and home decor in the middle of a pandemic to growing a physical storefront in the heart of Lawrenceville, Erin Smrekar, owner of Storehouse Neutral, has always felt welcomed by the community. 

“I have met so many amazing people and fellow small business owners,” she says. “The people that keep coming back and supporting is such a great feeling.” 

Now, she’s leaning into that experience as she moves to a larger location. After closing in April, Storehouse Neutral is relocating from Lawrenceville Market House, a co-retail building with boutiques and food, to its own space in Upper Lawrenceville. The new location at 5300 Butler Street is set to open in early May. 

As she prepares to move, Smrekar says Storehouse Neutral will host popup events throughout April, including at The Cork Factory Lofts and Cinderlands Warehouse in the Strip District.

She adds that while she’s grateful for the neighborhood outreach the Market House provided, she looks forward to the benefits that come with her own stand-alone store, such as fitting rooms, her own store entrance and more space. 

“Our customers have been so flexible with changing in makeshift fitting rooms for the past year and a half and we are so excited to provide a better space for them to try on,” she says. 

Storehouse Neutral

Smrekar says Storehouse Neutral will continue to sell pieces from local custom jewelers and makers. Connecting customers with small businesses has always been an essential part of the store’s mission to highlight versatile and unique products, she says.

“Bringing their talent to our customers has been so important,” she says. “There is such a need to support people who put their heart on display through their work and that support is needed not only in our own city, but in cities across the country.”

Since opening Storehouse Neutral, Smrekar says her aesthetic has transformed from bohemian to a more modern vintage vibe. The new store will mix these styles together in both apparel and decor. 

I love mixing the classic vintage pieces, such as trench coats or a great blazer with new trends,” Smrekar says. “The same goes for home decor; there are so many beautiful vintage pieces out there that compliment the newer modern styles we see in the home.” 

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