Starting The Year Off With a Bang: a New Year’s Wedding

As the clock struck midnight, this Pittsburgh couple shared a kiss as husband and wife.
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It’s safe to say that Kate Miller and Jaymee Shepherd had getting married on their list of resolutions for the new year.

The two tied the knot on Dec. 31, 2021, at Saint Kilian Church in Cranberry, starting their ceremony at 5:30 p.m. so the festivities could go to midnight. The reception had everything you might expect from a New Year’s Eve celebration, from noisemakers and hats to plenty of balloons.

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“We were able to end a year and begin another together with all of the people who have supported our relationship from the beginning,” Kate says.

The theme for the wedding was New Year’s Eve glam. The bridesmaids wore sequined rose-gold dresses, paired with blush faux fur, and their reception venue, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Cranberry, was decorated with metallic tones. Every table had a clock and a manzanita branch for a centerpiece.

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Dinner, cocktails, the classic Pittsburgh cookie table and the less-classic late-night tater tot bar filled the hours leading up to midnight — and the balloon drop.

The DJ’s countdown brought everyone to the dance floor as the clock neared 12 o’clock, and a guest urged Jaymee to find his wife for a countdown kiss. Rushing through the crowd, Jaymee located Kate in time to share their first kiss of 2022 as husband and wife.

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This year, the couple decided to have an anniversary get-together with their immediate family at their new home for New Year’s Eve. Although, it might not live up to the moment when Jaymee and Kate had their first look one year ago on their wedding day.

“I said I was going to save my tears for the altar and let me tell you, I let them out for that first look,” Jaymee says. “I saw Kate and I looked like a little kid having a temper tantrum. My face just kind of wrinkled up, and I just had water rushing under my eyes.”

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