Premier Rugby Sevens Expands To Pittsburgh, Giving Residents a New Team to Back

Premier Rugby Sevens, a nationally franchised rugby league, established the Steeltoes men’s and women’s teams in Pittsburgh. The move is in preparation for the Eastern Conference Finals, which will be held at Highmark Stadium.
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Penguins, Pirates, Steelers and now Steeltoes. Premier Rugby Sevens, a nationally franchised rugby league, has announced its expansion into Western Pennsylvania with the creation of new men’s and women’s rugby teams.  

The league, which hosts nationwide, festival-style rugby tournaments, will conduct open tryouts to fill spots on the newly established men’s and women’s teams. This is a primer to the Eastern Conference Finals, which will take place at Highmark Stadium on the South Side on July 23. 

Among club teams in Utah, California and Illinois in the Western Conference, and Tennessee, Texas and New York in the Eastern Conference, Premier Rugby Sevens chose Pittsburgh because it’s “home to some of the most passionate and knowledgeable sports fans in the country,” said Owen Scannell, CEO of the league, in a press release. 

“We’re thrilled to bring professional rugby to Pittsburgh for the first time and introduce Rugby Sevens to new audiences. The Steeltoes will be focused on engaging the local community throughout the year and growing grassroots initiatives in Greater Western Pennsylvania” 

Trials for the Steeltoes rugby club will be held on March 19 at Chatham University, where anyone can compete to make the roster on the men’s and women’s teams. The teams also pull from a wealth of Olympians and national players. 

The men’s and women’s teams will go head-to-steel-toe with the Memphis Southern Headliners and the New York Locals at the Eastern Conference finals. Surrounding a series of eight 14-minute games, the tournament will “boast a party-like atmosphere” with bands, DJs and contests, a spokesperson for Highmark Stadiums said in a press release. 

As the Western Conferences host their finals a week prior, the winning men’s and women’s clubs from each will scrum it out at the 2023 Championship on Aug. 5. Premier Rugby Sevens is the “only conference of its kind with men’s and women’s teams competing under one umbrella with equal pay,” a Highmark Stadiums spokesperson said. 

“Premier Rugby Sevens is a groundbreaking professional sports league in North America,” according to the spokesperson. “With a focus on accessibility and entertaining content for fans, the league showcases the electrifying sport of Rugby Sevens through a touring format in cities across the United States.” 

Tickets for the Pittsburgh, San Jose, and Austin tournaments are now available at

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