Pittsburgh Real Estate Listing Goes Viral For Its Ghostly Twist

Realtor Jeni Drass says it was a fun send-off for the owners of the property, who love Halloween.


One local real estate listing is starting off October by redefining what it means to live in a haunted house.

The pictures of the property, a four-bedroom house in Coraopolis, show someone dressed as a ghoul lurking around the home. In one picture, the figure — resembling “Ghostface” from the film series “Scream” — lounges in the living room, perched in a comfortable chair. In another, it’s peeking out from behind a shower curtain in the bathroom, and in another yet, it’s looking in through a glass door.

“It’s no trick, this home is a treat!” the listing reads. “Eat, drink and be scary in the kitchen with views of the wooded backyard.”

The woman behind the mask is Jeni Drass, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty. She says she’s a big fan of Halloween and her clients at the property are, too.


“The owners are actually really into the ‘Scream’ movie themselves.” she says. “I thought this would be a way to send them off to their new home with one last thing they could do for Halloween and make their house special for them.”

One room in the photographs showcases a wall decorated with posters from various classic horror films, including “The Exorcist” and, of course, “Scream.”

Drass says she’s very creative with her marketing, and she tries to come up with unique things to do with her clients.

“As we buy and sell houses, it can be stressful at times,” she says. “But we definitely try to make it fun.”

She credits a lot of the fun to her photographers Greg and Nate, and to Greg’s wife, Chloe, who she says edits many of the pictures seen on her listings.

“They’re a team, and they all work really well together to market all of my properties,” she says.

Drass says her clients joked that the spooky listing might go viral. But Drass, who bought the “Scream” costume specifically for the photoshoot, wasn’t quite sure. It’s garnered media attention, though, and she says the 15 minutes of fame has been nice.

The clients “are happy that they were still able to keep up some of their Halloween decor and still keep it professional. Just a little bit here and there, not to take too much away from the house,” she says. “Obviously they’re happy that they’re getting the attention, and hopeful we’ll sell very quickly!”