Pigeon Bagels Opens In Squirrel Hill

Gab Taube opened a standalone location for her popular bagel business in July and we're very happy about it.

photos by Laura Petrilla

Gab Taube has since 2017 raised the commercial bagel game in Pittsburgh, selling her Pigeon Bagels at farmers markets and through her numerous wholesale accounts. During that period, she and her crew of bakers labored through the wee hours of the night at Badomo’s Pizza’s Mt. Lebanon location, mixing, fermenting, boiling and baking the bagels while the pizzeria was closed.

Taube and company hand-roll the dough and boil it prior to baking, resulting in a dense, chewy texture that’s a signature of a well-made bagel — prior to Pigeon’s opening it was a challenge to find a bagel made with this more labor-intensive process for retail sale in Pittsburgh.

In July, Taube opened a standalone location in Squirrel Hill. Now, in addition to working slightly less taxing hours and having a little more storage space, Taube has a steady location from which to sell her bagels and sandwiches. There’s a Bakers Pride oven, a Hobart stand mixer, an espresso machine to brew Redhawk coffee and a bit of shelf space. “We’re keeping it small and simple here,” she says.

Taube offers five styles of bagels: plain, poppy seed, garlic and sea salt, sesame and everything. There are toppings such as cream cheese, tofu schmear and hummus, and sandwiches such as nova with capers, herbed cream cheese and onion, vegan carrot lox with tofu schmear, capers and onions and whitefish with cucumber, micro-greens and red onion.

The space, which is certified kosher (dairy) by Vaad Harabanim of Greater Pittsburgh, is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

5613 Hobart St., Squirrel Hill; 412/224-2073, pigeonpgh.com

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