PGH Candle is Lighting a (Deliciously Scented) Fire on the North Side

This is the first flagship store for the candle company, which has been creating hand-poured, soy candles since 2016.


Just in time for the holiday shopping season, PGH Candle, which has been selling candles since 2016, has opened its first flagship store along Phineas Street on the North Side.

“It has always been a dream of ours to open a physical location where people can smell our different collections and browse around,” says owner Kayla Heffernan, who opened the brick-and-mortar store in November. “We were just waiting for the perfect building and the perfect time.”

Known for scents such as dry gin and oak, sea salt and orchid, PGH Candle has a whole collection of scents inspired by different neighborhoods around Pittsburgh. The company’s hand-poured, soy wax candles are sold at a variety of shops and markets across the region.


Heffernan says she spent years looking for space for a flagship store. Although she considered Lawrenceville, where she lived at the time, Heffernan moved earlier this year to the North Side, where she stumbled upon the perfect location for her business.

“We found this little, cute building with a parking lot, so we just jumped on it and went all in,” she says. 

The outside of the building was already white when Heffernan purchased it, and she kept it that way — marking it as one of the only things she didn’t change other than adding the PGH Candle logo to the exterior.


Inside, Heffernan changed everything. 

“When we first got it, it had a dirt floor, only studs on the walls. I had so many different ideas, but ultimately I decided on a dark and moody theme,” she says. “The floors are black hexagon tile, we painted some of the walls green and one of the walls has wallpaper from Anthropology.”

William Vitous of SFTDRV and Shane Martin of Tree Over Board, both Pittsburgh-based companies, handcrafted the shop’s custom metal-and-wood shelving.

“I drew, very childlike, on a piece of paper what I wanted them [the shelves] to look like and they brought my vision to life.” Heffernan says. 


PGH Candles sells more than just its own candles in the store. There are Pittsburgh-themed gifts, stained glass from local shop OC Glass, products from Pittsburgh Honey, cards from Pittsburgh-based Finch and Flourish and candle-making kits. 

“It’s a one stop build your gift place,” Heffernan says. 

Free parking is available at the flagship store. Hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 12 to 4 p.m. on Sunday.


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