New Option for Lunch: Union Standard in Downtown Pittsburgh

Derek Stevens' eatery will offer a daytime menu selection of starters, salads, sandwiches and entrees.

photos by cody Baker


Downtown’s limited selection of thoughtful lunch offerings looks to get a big boost as Union Standard, the recent opening from Executive Chef/Co-Owner Derek Stevens, begins daytime service this week. 

The menu is divided into three sections: "First," "Salads" and "Sandwiches & Mains," with some overlap between this menu and the restaurant’s dinner menu. For example, seasonal soups (currently nettle and asparagus soup), salads such as red oak & spinach salad and mains such as wood-roasted Locust Point chicken appear on both menus. Cocktail, beer and wine selections remain the same (and robust), too. 


Stevens also is serving a good mix of lunch-only dishes. Crispy chicken salad with watercress, greens, bean sprouts, pecans and cranberry vinaigrette looks like an enticing daytime meal, as does pesto-baked rigatoni with peas, ramps, smoked potatoes, mozzarella, toasted almond, mint and chili flakes. The restaurant’s lunchtime sandwich selections include grilled spicy bluefin, spit-roasted turkey served on a biscuit and Elysian Fields lamb patty melt. 

I recently had a terrific dinner at Union Standard. Looking forward to seeing what Stevens and his team do with lunch. 

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