Need Another Reason to Splurge? Splurge Home Opens This Spring

The home furnishings store will be located along Freeport Road in O'Hara.


Pretty soon, you’ll have twice as many reasons to splurge.

Splurge, a lifestyle gift and decor shop in O’Hara, is expanding its business with Splurge Home 一 a space dedicated exclusively to home furnishings and interior design. 

Kym Pelcher, chief design officer and founder of Splurge, says the store is meant to give customers undivided attention for their home improvement projects. She hopes Splurge Home, located on Freeport Road, will be open by late spring.

“We get customers asking for help with their home design every day at Splurge; I wanted a space that we could commit to this 100%,” Pelcher says. “We will showcase furniture that people can sit in, fabrics and wallpaper that they can feel and a dedicated, approachable design staff to help them with any and all design projects.”


Pelcher opened Splurge — which carries an array of decor, jewelry, dishware, clothing and accessories — in 2013 after spending 14 years working as a home decor and furniture buyer for Fortunoff, a furniture retailer based in New York. 

After remodeling the new location, Pelcher says the bright and airy aesthetic of Splurge Home will mimic the feel of Splurge, which is located diagonally across the way. There also will be a focus on encouraging customer interaction with the merchandise at the new store.

“Splurge maintained an eclectic, transitional look with hints of vintage and modern that all come together in a very harmonious setting,” Pelcher says. “Splurge Home is going to be a very approachable furniture and interior design store 一 a place that you can always feel comfortable coming into, unlike a lot of other design stores which can be intimidating.”


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, Pelcher says Splurge has experienced an upswing in business, with many people stuck indoors itching to complete some home projects.

“Covid has caused people to cocoon and dive into home projects. This trend has continued for the last two years and I see it continuing to grow steadily,” Pelcher says. “Once larger home renovation projects are finishing up, the focus shifts to the furniture and accessories, and that’s where Splurge Home will really come into play.”

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