Mesmerizing to See: Fog Rolls In, Over and Through Pittsburgh

Watch a time-lapse video compiled by thousands of pictures from photographer Dave DiCello.


Time-lapse videos of the fog rolling over the Golden Gate Bridge are a common occurrence. But this video of Pittsburgh from Sept. 20 may have all of those others beat.

Photographer Dave DiCello started shooting before dawn as a blanket of fog began to form above the city.

“The fog was pretty high to start the day, but eventually lowered enough to show the city,” DiCello explained on Facebook. “This timelapse was captured with a Sony a7IV and includes 2,688 images over the course of two and a half hours.

“There’s just such an air of mystery about an image like this, at least for me. You can see the bridge cross the river, though part of it is hidden, but you can’t see where it goes Downtown. What’s down there? Is it safe to cross? Is the Fort Pitt Tunnel Monster in the fog?”

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