It’s Only Natural: How To Bring 2023’s Biggest Color Trends Into Your Home

Hues inspired by the outdoors are trending for the New Year — we check with local design experts for their tips.
Sherwin Williams Dining Room Redend Point Sw 9081


When it comes to trending paint colors for 2023, new twists on neutrals and whimsical nods to nature will dominate. As for bringing these outdoors-inspired hues into your home, it can be as simple as adding an accent piece or as elaborate as a floor-to-ceiling paint commitment, local design experts say.

“People are so over the white and the gray right now,” says Pittsburgh-based interior designer Hayley Watters. “We’re looking for cheerful colors.
[We] want something that’s tranquil and soft and easy to relax around.”

Sherwin Williams Bedroom Redend Point Sw 9081

The New Neutral.   Color experts have chosen an array of options for anyone looking to infuse much-needed calm — particularly in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic — into the home. For its 2023 Color of the Year, Sherwin-Williams selected Redend Point, a soulful, earthy terracotta color with subtle pink undertones.

Lauren Piasecki, founding partner and designer at Black Cherry Design, says this take on popular flesh tones is an ideal neutral for people not on board with bringing brown tones into their homes but who are open to a hue that works well with anything from blacks to greens and even bright yellows. “So many things would pair really well with this,” she says, adding how committing an entire space to the more classic hue could create a trendy English cottage vibe.

Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing, says Redend Point is ideal for social areas like dining and living rooms with its warmth and ability to inspire connection. “It’s also a cosmetic tone, meaning it is perfect for spaces where you practice self-care, such as the bathroom or bedroom,” she says.

Wadden adds Redend Point can add drama when on a ceiling and also works well in smaller places such as a console or even the base of a lamp.

Given the terracotta tone, Watters recommends introducing Redend Point through pottery. For more accent inspiration, homeowners may explore Sherwin-Williams collaboration with Etsy, which showcases curated selections of goods that pair well with the paint, including wall art, candles and custom-made furniture.

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Taking on Teal.   The GLIDDEN Paint by PPG’s 2023 Color of the Year, Vining Ivy, evokes tranquility, balance and renewal, says Ashley McCollum, color marketing manager for PPG. The bold blue-green is a natural fit for anyone who is looking to introduce color to more neutral palettes, she adds. “It can be toned down or it can be toned up. It really depends on what you pair it with.”

The jewel-toned teal works well with deeper woods and white trim, McCollum says, and can create a more luxurious feel when accessorized with gold accents. The shade also shines on exteriors, particularly in more wooded areas, and can also make a bold statement on kitchen cabinetry, McCollum says.

Piasecki calls Vining Ivy a happier version of the dark blues and greens popular in kitchens recently and suggests coating perimeter cabinets in the hue while leaving the island with a wood stain — or even painting the lower cabinets Vining Ivy while leaving upper cabinets white. “If there’s a color that’s on trend and people are doing it a lot, I like to do it in a way that’s not super committal,” she says.

For a more surprising pop of color, use Vining Ivy on the back of a bookshelf or on shelving surrounding a fireplace, McCollum suggests. Adventurous homeowners might even consider coating an entire room — ceiling, walls, trim and all — in Vining Ivy.

“I think a lot of people now just want to go completely maximalist and use color like an all-encompassing envelope,” Watters says. “If you’re going to use it, go for it. Just go big or go home.”

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Lovely lavender.   Offering a more edgy, nostalgic nod to nature is Digital Lavender, Coloro and consumer trend forecaster WGSN’s color choice for 2023. The vibrant, eye-catching shade — which appears in the framed painting above — could work well as a doorway or as trim for a white or beige wall, Watters says.

“I’m seeing it everywhere — in fashion, in print, in digital design,” Watters says of the playful tone. “If you wanted to be trendy and on top of it, this would be the shade to work with.”

Piasecki sees the youthful shade working best in bedrooms and suggests relying more on accessories such as rugs and artwork to bring in pops of the purple. She also encourages homeowners to let their creativity shine by bringing Vining Ivy, Redend Point and Digital Lavender together.

“That could be a really fun palette to build off of,” she says.

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