Is Blue the New Black?

PPG report says blue cars are trending internationally.


According to PPG’s 2020 automotive color popularity report, blue might be the new black. Over the last year, blue increased in popularity for automobiles to 9 percent globally. In 2019, PPG predicted blue automobiles would increase in popularity over the next four years; however, experts believe the COVID-19 pandemic boosted the color’s growth.

“COVID-19 has consumers focusing on their desires and priorities,” says Misty Yeomans, a PPG color styling manager. “Blue is an optimistic, comforting color that conveys trust, dependability, confidence, healing and hope. It’s also associated with nature, cleanliness and future-forward technology.”

In 2019, Pantone named “Classic Blue” as its 2020 color of the year because it “brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit” and “re-centers our thoughts.” If only they knew just how much peace and tranquility we’d need in 2020. 

As blue continues to grow in global automotive popularity, Yeomans predicts the preference to slowly shift to incorporate a turquoise influence.

“Digital-inspired aqua-blues combine versatility with a sense of youthfulness and a fresh spirit,” says Yeomans. “The emergence of the electric vehicle market also will drive growth in vibrant tones and interesting effects, such as color-shifting colors. We’re also seeing blue used more extensively in trim lines, logos and other accessorizing applications.”

In total, natural hues, such as greens and blues, account for 16 percent of the global automotive share. However, black still remains as the top contender at 18 percent. Yeomans believes black will always remain a core color due to its versatility and drama.

So is blue the new black? Probably not yet. Still, it’s nice to know it might have provided a sense of comfort for some throughout the past year.

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