Iron Born Pizza Sets Opening Date for Second Location

The owners of the popular Detroit-style pizza restaurant in Smallman Galley are set to launch an independent storefront in Millvale.

photo by laura petrilla


Iron Born, the popular Detroit-style pizzeria in Smallman Galley, will open its first standalone location this weekend. 

Owners Pete Tolman and Carrie DuMars are expected to soft-open their shop at 413 Grant Ave. in Millvale Thursday night as part of the Millvale Days celebration. “The main drag reminds me of back home where I grew up. We love the other businesses here and thought we could add another food outlet to this great small town,” says Tolman.

Tolman says that the storefront will operate separately from the original Smallman Galley stall (the Galley Group, owners of Smallman Galley, have no investment or involvement in the Millvale location), which will remain in operation through June 2019. “We will have different staff at each location,” Tolman says.

Fan favorites such as Red Pie will be available at both Iron Born outlets, but each also will have menus and specials unique to their location, and the larger kitchen at the Millvale store will allow for some additional experimentation. “We have lots of talent right now, and we’re trying to find outlets for them to have fun,” Tolman says. 

Tolman says that he’s working with Millvale-based Top Hat marketing on a rebrand, which will include signage and a new website. 

Iron Born’s Millvale crew will serve pizza outside their storefront evenings during Millvale Days. They then will shut down for about a month to put the finishing touches on the tiny space, which will operate primarily as a carry-out operation; delivery will be available via GrubHub, UberEats and other outlets. The official opening date is anticipated to be Oct. 15.

Tolman says they are looking forward to additional buildings and concepts, but, “We’re not putting the cart before the horse. We want to get Millvale right first.”

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