I Can’t Go to the Salon, What Should I Do with My Hair?

Salon owner John Vella offers advice for keeping a good and healthy look during these days of hair care at home.

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It’s time to feel good about yourself!

This is a time of healing. Our world is much different than it was a short time ago, and we are reminded of the importance of self-care.  Looking good and feeling good is important.  In this video series, Insights into Self-Care with John Vella, he offers some important do’s and don’ts when it comes to caring for your hair at home.

Hairstyling for Video Conferencing

Scalp Help

Coloring Your Own Hair

Don’t Cut Your Own Hair at Home

New Best Friend: Dry Shampoo

The John Vella team can introduce ideas to enhance your natural beauty. Explore your options through a complimentary consultation to discover how you can look and feel your best. Schedule your appointment now for when our salon will reopen by calling the salon at 724.590.1772, or email us at thejohnvellasalon@gmail.com. Shop RFSalon.shop/JohnVella for the products featured with extra savings and free shipping.

John Vella has created one of the most diverse careers known in the hairdressing industry today. His commitment to excellence and creative ability to design according to the needs of the individual has enabled him to build an illustrious clientele base of models and celebrities alike.  He splits his time between San Francisco at the J Roland Salon, Beverly Hills at the Kim Vo Salon, and Pittsburgh as the owner of The John Vella Salon.

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