How to Get Pittsburgh Traditions on Your Nail Polish

A line of nail polish is inspired by everything from “Redd Up” to “The Igloo.”

Chipped ham. Church-basement pierogies. Cookie tables. They all have their place in Pittsburgh lore — and did you know that you can wear your favorite city tradition as a shade of nail polish?

When Gridlock Lacquer owner Lisa Menchetti saw mainstream polish brands creating city collections, she liked the idea. But while cities such as New York and Chicago were the focus, Menchetti, who lives in Buffalo, wanted to do something different.

“I knew smaller markets were never going to have that kind of attention,” she says. She started with her hometown, then thought about other cities in the Rust Belt undergoing a revitalization; she says Pittsburgh was the natural progression.

The first Pittsburgh collection came out five years ago. Today, Menchetti has updated the collection to a permanent line that includes odes to neighborhoods including Bloomfield and the Strip District.

The more eclectically named shades pay homage to local traditions. In addition to “Chipped Ham,” “Church Pierogi,” “Cookie Table” and “Parking Chair,” you can also wear “412,” “Redd Up,” “Yinzburgh” and “The Igloo” to sport your civic pride.

“These are local,” Menchetti says. “Like chipped ham. People won’t know [about that] unless they have a real relationship to the city.” Gridlock Lacquer’s Pittsburgh collection is currently available at Gifted Hands Gift Shop locations in McCandless, Murrysville and Wexford, and at The Line Women’s Boutique in Irwin.


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