How to Dispose of Your Old Tires, Televisions and More at This Collection Event

If you have old junk that trash collection won’t take, the Pennsylvania Resources Council will.
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Pennsylvania Resources Council is holding its final recycling collection event of the year from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on  Saturday, Oct. 1 at Settlers Cabin Park’s wave pool in Robinson Township.

The event aims to help participants dispose of items that are not accepted in normal trash collection and curbside recycling.

Participants can drop off cell and home phones, computer towers, computer accessories, jugs, jars and glass bottles, to name a few.

Individuals can also drop off televisions, computer monitors, printers and tires for a fee.

Participants are required to register in advance. For a full list of items that can be dropped off and fees, visit or call 412/488-7490 x1.

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