How To Camp Like A Pro In the Fall

From clothing choices to snack options, smart packing will allow campers to make the most of their time away.
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When camping in the fall, there are some choices and considerations that can make the trip more comfortable and safer.

  • Think layers. When evenings can be cool and days can still reach high temps, be prepared for any weather. It’s better to wear a sweatshirt on a hike that ends up in your backpack then not to bring one at all — when the temperature drops, you’re stuck.
  • Fabric matters. Fall can be damp and muddy, and outdoor activities also make us sweat. Cotton fabrics will feel chilly and take a long time to dry, so choose moisture-wicking natural fibers such as merino wool or synthetics such as fleece, polyester and nylon.
  • Sleep in a hat. While it’s always a good idea to bring a knit cap in the fall, it’s actually most important to wear it while you sleep. It’s a great way to retain body heat during chilly nights.
  • Bring good shoes. Crocs and Tevas may be perfect for summer camping — they transition from creek-walking to dinner wear with ease. When temperatures drop, though, cold and wet feet are a recipe for disaster (and blisters). Invest in a good pair of waterproof hiking boots and pack extra socks.
  • Be visible. While most recreation areas are well-marked with designated hunting areas, fall is still deer season in the tri-state area. Choose bright orange or red clothing for hikes in the woods. Wearing 250 square inches of blaze orange is the official recommendation, which is about the size of a vest.
  • Snack. When temps drop, it’s important to keep fueling your body with high-fat and high-protein items, especially if you’re in a tent and your body will be working harder to stay warm all night. Prepackaged nuts, cheese and protein bars are easy to shove in a bag for hikes or outings.


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