How Effective Has The COVID Vaccine Been in Allegheny County?

There have been several hundred "breakthrough" cases out of more than 600,000 fully vaccinated residents.
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Less than one-tenth of one percent. That’s the percentage of people in Allegheny County who contracted COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated. County Health Director Dr. Debra Bogen says of those 420 “breakthrough” cases – out of more than 600,000 fully vaccinated residents – only 11 required hospitalization.

“Those are remarkable numbers,” Bogen said during a briefing Wednesday. “They demonstrate how effective the vaccines really are.”

About 76% of adults in the county are at least partially vaccinated, Bogen said, including 55% who are fully vaccinated. In the 15-19 age group, about 50% are at least partially vaccinated.

“Vaccines are really helping use to return to the world we once knew — a world before disruptions, shutdowns and mandates,” Bogen said. “People are venturing outside again. They’re filling restaurants and enjoying arts festivals and the parks. They’re going to ball games and concerts, and they’re really rediscovering their sense of comfort.”

Bogen continues to urge the unvaccinated to get their shots but admitted that “if you’re paying attention to me, chances are you’re already vaccinated.”

The state lifted all restrictions, except the mask mandate for the unvaccinated, on May 31. Since then, the number of cases has remained relatively low.

If everyone who is eligible gets vaccinated, “we have a real shot at keeping COVID-19 at bay when the cooler weather returns in the fall,” said Bogen.

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