Gov. Wolf Adds New Restrictions on Bars, Restaurants and Large Indoor Gatherings

Wolf warns that a “new surge is in the offing” could eclipse the number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 in the spring.
Gov Wolf Wearing A Mask At Pema


Citing an “alarming escalation” in new COVID-19 infections, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday imposed new statewide restrictions for restaurants, bars and any large indoor gathering.

This latest order won’t affect dining in Allegheny County, where the health department imposed even more severe restrictions a week ago.

The new statewide order, which takes effect Thursday, closes bars unless they also offer dine-in meals. Bars and restaurants also will be limited to 25% capacity. Indoor events and gatherings of more than 25 people will be prohibited. All businesses will be required to have their employees work remotely to the extent possible.

During a news conference in Harrisburg, Wolf was sharply critical of people who refused to wear a mask or following social distancing rules.

“They are annoyingly spreading, or annoyingly picking up, the virus. This carelessness has resulted in pockets of super-spreading,” Wolf said.

He blamed out-of-state travel and took aim at states in the south and west for “not committing to the things they should’ve done to keep this virus from spreading.”

“We did everything we should’ve done, we were responsible, and yet we’re paying the price right now,” Wolf said.

“We’re already at a tipping point where we really have to act. We don’t want to become Florida. We don’t want to become Texas. We don’t want to become Arizona. We have got to act now.”

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