Getting Picture Taken in a Highway Work Zone Could Cost You

PennDOT’s Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement System seeks to protect road workers and reduce speeding.


While some motorists may neglect to slow down when driving through a work zone, Pennsylvania’s new speed enforcement system will have no trouble tracking down reckless drivers.

In an effort to improve driver behavior and worker safety, PennDOT has implemented its Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement system statewide. 

The automatic system, which will be used in select active work areas, detects when a driver breaks the speed limit and takes pictures of the front and back of their vehicle. After processing these images through the PennDOT system, a citation is mailed to the vehicle owner.

While first-time offenders receive a written warning via mail, a second offense carries a $75 fine. The third offense and any subsequent violations come with a $150 fine. These violations do not add points against a driver’s license. 

Enforcement from the system only applies to drivers exceeding the speed limit by more than 11 m.p.h. and can be appealed by mail, online or in person.

PennDOT will make drivers aware of when the new system will be used in an area through an online list of active locations and signage near construction sites. The system has not yet been assigned to any locations in Pittsburgh; on its first morning, six locations were listed on the system’s website, all east of Harrisburg.

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