Fund or Foster? You Can Change a Child’s Life, Forever

Giving to The Children’s Home funds services that help place foster children in permanent, loving homes.

There are over 3,000 kids in Pennsylvania’s foster care system awaiting to be adopted*. Growing up in foster care isn’t always easy. It’s a life of maybes and general uncertainty, bouncing around from temporary homes and shelters, and lacking the structure that a loving family provides.

Joey’s life was once like that. He was ten years old.

He didn’t get to go to school on a regular basis. And his biological parents weren’t caring for him. Eventually, a judge placed him in foster care, and he began a long journey — alone.


But one day, something amazing happened to Joey. Robert and Jess came into his life. They were working with The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center to adopt from foster care, and they were shown information about Joey, including his photo. And that changed everything.

Robert and Jess opened their home. Joey opened his heart. He was finally able to be a kid — going to school, playing outside and making friends. Meanwhile, Robert and Jess got the son they always wanted.


There are other kids like Joey, and no doubt you see them every day. But their problems are invisible, and what they need most is just out of reach. Thankfully, help is there. But it starts – and ends – with you.

Make a gift to The Children’s Home and fund the incredible services that place kids, just like Joey, with loving, permanent families. Or, become a foster family like Robert and Jess. Because either way, a child like Joey will thank you for it.

*CWLA 2018 Pennsylvania State Fact Sheet

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