Doors Open Pittsburgh Expands

The updated list of tours from Doors Open Pittsburgh will showcase the diverse history of the city.

While the museums in Pittsburgh tell a lot about the city’s history, some of the past is best explained in the buildings where it happened. 

Doors Open Pittsburgh, a non-profit that provides behind-the-scenes access to buildings throughout the city through its annual event and monthly specialty tours, plans to add 13 new specialty tours, focusing on themes such as the area’s religious diversity, music legacy and LGBT+ history.

The February tour, “Freedom Seekers: Underground Railroad Tour,” will be held in honor of Black History Month on Feb. 29. The trip will visit the various safehouses and underground tunnels that were a part of Pittsburgh’s Underground Railroad. The tour is sponsored by Dollar Bank, which will display its historical ledgers containing some of the first African American-owned savings accounts. 

A list of the tours is on the Doors Open website. Tickets for the “Freedom Seekers: Underground Railroad Tour” are on sale now.

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