Cookie Table Contest Winner: Lindsey and David Continue the Tradition

Meet the couple — and view the treats — that won our biannual cookie table contest.
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Guests from 17 states traveled across the country to attend the wedding of Lindsey Crandell and David Haberman. While some out-of-town guests were surprised by the idea of a cookie table, the Pittsburgh tradition has always held a place in the lives of the couple, who originate from the North Hills.

“It’s my favorite dessert, and I’ve always dreamt of this beautiful cookie table,” says David. “All the weddings I’ve gone to growing up always had a cookie table, and that’s where I spend a lot of my time [as a guest].” 

David’s dream came true at his wedding at Rivers Casino on June 3, 2022. The assortment included more than 5,500 cookies from 26 bakers, including homemade candies and chocolate-covered Oreos. Contributors included family of both the bride and the groom, as well as other family friends. 

“We have very loving families,” David says. “They just bend over backwards for anyone in their family. It was our turn. It was our wedding, so they happily did it.” 

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The cookie table also featured a poem Lindsey wrote, describing the historical roots behind the cookie table and why it was significant to the couple. The poem included an illustration by David’s sister, Jessica, of the city. 

“We just love Pittsburgh,” Lindsey says. “We’re one of those annoying people that say, ‘We bleed black and gold.’”

In addition to labels differentiating each cookie, the couple separated the desserts by “his and her favorites” (David’s is chocolate chip cookies; Lindsey’s is peanut butter blossoms) and non-allergenic cookies for their guests. 

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David’s mother, Denise, was the main organizer of the cookie table. David says she gave the couple two of every cookie to eat on their honeymoon because they would not have enough time to eat at the wedding. 

The bride and groom made an effort to thank everyone who contributed with a sign at the cookie table, as well as those who did “quality control,” or taste tasting. The couple said it was important to them to show their gratitude. 

“Even people that didn’t come to the wedding knew how much I love cookies, how happy we were to have our wedding,” David says. “They wanted to just pitch in.” 

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The couple says they hope to inspire others to add a cookie table to their own wedding, even if they’re not Pittsburghers. 

“I know people say the origin is unknown, but it also goes back to the Great Depression when people could not afford big fancy cakes,” Lindsey says. “Even though we still had a cake, it’s just a fun tradition we are going to continue.” 

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