BeWell: The Benefits of a Morning Stretch Routine

Simple stretches I do every morning to retain my body’s range of motion to reduce low back pressure.

It takes just three minutes to perform these simple movements so I’m feeling good for my morning walk. These stretches target hip flexors, core and hamstrings. The goal is to build your range of motion, reduce stiffness and reduce pressure off of the lower back.


  • Side Bend – back leg stays long, reach up and over
  • Easy BackBend – Less is more, keep thighs and glutes squeezing, just shift chest up to the sky
  • Rag Doll – deep bend in knees, let the upper body hang through the frame of your legs.  Lengthening hamstrings and letting the spine release as if to create space through the back

Hold each stretch for 10 seconds and repeat the round three times.

Screenshot 2023 01 14 At 103742 AmI am Anna Kestler, born and raised in Pittsburgh, where I co-own a fitness studio, Sweat PGH.  I am a fully certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. My love for fitness started at a young age with basketball and continued into the collegiate level at The College of William & Mary. I love the way fitness can not only transform the body and mind, but how we can use it to break through boundaries and realign to heal ourselves naturally.

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