Author: Elizabeth Speed

25 Most Beautiful People

This year’s 25 Most Beautiful People aren't just pretty faces. These men and women make our community a better place. They are our protectors, healers, advisors, mentors. All are likable, giving new meaning to why we’re most livable. Behold, our 2008 beauties.

Make Your Mark

Monograms honor the history of a family name and show off the newlyweds' intent to carry on tradition when united in marriage. This sophisticated name tag is something to be enjoyed for decades and to proudly passed down through the generations. Most monograms for couples have the last-name initial enlarged in the center, with the groom's first-name initial on the left and the bride's first- name initial on the right. But just as monograms personalize objects, a bride can personalize a monogram as she wishes.


We challenged local designers to render duplications of existing patterns and textures to turn traditional wedding cakes into reception showpieces.