We challenged local designers to render duplications of existing patterns and textures to turn traditional wedding cakes into reception showpieces.


If you’re already registered, you’ve probably chosen a pattern that could be replicated on your cake. Gwen Homitz took a fun and casual floral pattern from a plate to make this gorgeous design. It may take your guests a moment to figure out where they’ve seen the pattern on your cake, but when they do, it’s a personalized touch they’re not likely to forget. Created by Creative Cakes, 412/788-2253.




The small flowers look like a spring garden in full bloom. Designer Uzi Kornhauser is known for his ability to sculpt sugar, and here he made edible dime-sized flowers that cover his cake, which is also decorated with ribbon and butter cream icing. Take cues from your bouquet to inspire your wedding cake for a beautiful theme that ties elements of your wedding together. Created by Uzi’s Pastries, 800/913-2253.



Stripes are simple, but offer many options. This cake might take its cue from your groom’s tie or your wedding invitations. Color makes this confection come alive, and Robert Fenoglietto used strips of rolled fondant to give it an eye-catching texture. He also adorned it with sculpted flowers. Created by Fenoglietto’s Wedding Cakes and Honeymoon Travel, 724/335-5359.






This quilt is an heirloom, and incorporating its "Trip Around the World" pattern into a wedding cake honors the great-great-grandmother who handmade it long ago. Cake designer Robert Fenoglietto used a special tool to create the quilted texture on the rolled fondant icing that gives this cake both style and a sense of tradition. Created by Fenoglietto’s Wedding Cakes and Honeymoon Travel, 724/335-5359.


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