Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Wedding-Planning Questions

Before you make your to-do list and check it twice, read our Q&A with Burgh Brides.

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Which vendor should we hire first?
If you’d like to work with a wedding planner, hire them first. Most planners offer packages that include vendor recommendations, and they can assist you with hiring those professionals. If not, secure your venue or photographer first. Both tend to book at least a year in advance, so act fast if you have your heart set on a specific location or photographer.

How do we sort through all of the ­­­ideas out there?
Whether you flip through wedding magazines or create dozens of Pinterest boards, save everything that speaks to you at first. Then, try to hone in on your style by looking for repetition within those images. Is there a color, vibe or detail that appears several times? These ideas are the ones you are really gravitating toward. Keep those and forget the rest.

Where should we focus our budget?
A better question might be, “What is important to us?” With your soon-to-be-spouse, determine your top three priorities, whether that’s luxurious florals, an amazing band or delicious cuisine. Then, make a list of things that would be nice to have and those that don’t really matter to you. Align your budget with your priorities. Everything else will be icing on the (wedding) cake!

Do we need to have an open bar?
While having a cash bar might seem like an easy way to save a lot of money, asking your guests to pay for their own drinks is like inviting someone to your home and charging a cover fee. If budget is a concern, consider offering a limited selection of mixed drinks or beer and wine only as less expensive alternatives.

Victoria Deardorff is the owner and editor of Pittsburgh’s wedding blog, Burgh Brides ( Look for her “Ask the Expert” column in each semi-annual issue of Pittsburgh Magazine Weddings.

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