A Light Up Night to Thank Essential Workers in Pittsburgh

Organizers of Illumination Ovation hope the event will spread far beyond the Golden Triangle.


Light Up Night is in November, right?

The concept, which normally celebrates the beginning of the holiday shopping season, is being reiminaged to honor the front-line workers in hospitals, grocery stores and elsewhere who are providing essential services during the pandemic.

For the second Tuesday night in a row, organizers of Illumination Ovation are asking everyone to turn on their outside lights at 8 p.m. on April 14 and step outside and clap their hands in appreciation.

Evelyn Castillo, of Squirrel Hill, says she got the idea from a friend who participated in such a moment in London. Castillo is the owner of the event consulting firm Sterling Events and is also a board member of Multiplying Good, the former Jefferson Awards Foundation, and the Mon Valley Community Foundation, as well as a trustee of Awesome Pittsburgh.

“My vision is to thank everyone who is an essential worker. They’re out there. We all know someone who’s on the front lines,” she told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Martin Potoczny, founder and CEO of Luxe Creative, was asked to spread the word among his hundreds of clients.

“Within a few days, we had all these organizations saying they will do this. The Steelers agreed to put on stadium lights, the Pirates to do our Love for Pgh graphic on their video screen. Everyone with controllable lighting will all turn them gold,” he told the PG. “Whether you turn on your porch light, put a lantern on the steps, turn on Christmas lights, hold a phone in the air or a lighter, everyone can take part.”

Castillo is asking everyone to take videos and share them on the Love from Pgh Facebook page. “We want this to be a thank-you note” to those on the frontlines. “This is a small show of appreciation for all they’re doing so that we can stay home and be comfortable.”

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