A Change of Seasons

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Fall is a season of change.

You can see it as the leaves turn different hues, the nights creep up quicker and the air becomes crisp and cool — all things I enjoy, by the way.

It’s also when my kids go back to school. And, as my younger daughter enters first grade, it will be the first time that both of my kids are in class all day, something I’m not sure how I feel about.

On the one hand, I’m awed by the freedom I’ll have to get my work done without interruption. I’ve mostly been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic; now, you mean to tell me that if I have to run out for an errand, I don’t have to drag two kids with me? I can’t even picture it.

On the other hand, I know I’m in for at least a few uneasy days as I imagine how my girls are adjusting to class, what their teachers are like and if they’re making new friends, particularly because they’ll be in a brand new (and much larger) building this year.

I’m also going to have to adjust to just being … alone.

Change is also the theme of the fall HOME issue. On the upcoming pages, you’ll see and read about several stunning renovations as local homeowners reconfigured the layouts of their homes to better suit their unique needs and style.

With her husband and young daughter in tow, popular lifestyle and DIY blogger Laura Gummerman moved back to her native Pittsburgh in the midst of the pandemic in order to be closer to family. Over the last two years, she has been renovating her Mid-Century Modern home into a millennial-pink dream house. You can read more about the ongoing project in our Q&A with Laura.

Entertainment-loving Highland Park residents Joe and Pepper also put a personal spin on the renovation of their formerly cramped kitchen. Joe made several pieces of furniture, mostly designed by him and Pepper, for the nature-inspired kitchen, which was outfitted in leafy shades of deep green.

In Sewickley, the Izydores never felt more at home than when they purchased a century-old Victorian. With help from Wildman Chalmers Design, they’ve restored the duplex, which had been chopped into multiple apartments, to its former glory.Sinichak Jessicajpg

In every case, the homeowners (and designers) sought to keep the character of the homes in place. Because although there’s beauty in change, being an original is irreplaceable — and yes, that goes for people as well as houses.

HOME Editor Jessica Sinichak can be reached at jsinichak@pittsburghmagazine.com

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