6 Sweetheart Tables to Inspire Your Own

A romantic table for two proved a perfect way for these six Pittsburgh couples to create an intimate space to share their first meal together.

In a day surrounded by friends and family, it can feel like an impossible task to find intimate moments with your new spouse. A sweetheart table can help the newlyweds carve out some time to reflect.

“I think what is really nice is that there are only a few moments where you are alone with your new spouse, and the sweetheart table gives you that moment where you are just eating together and have a focus on each other,” says Bethany Kleppick, co-owner of floral company Sapphire & Lace.

The sweetheart table should be in a highly photogenic area, Kleppick says. When planning for the reception, sweetheart tables “are the best place to prioritize the budget because it is the space everyone will be looking at for a major portion of the night.”

She says a great starting point for decorating is to use the bride’s ceremony bouquet. It’s “a beautiful way to get colors and flowers on the table,” she says.

“We also think about whether we want the floral and the color to be the focus on the table, or if the couple wants to be framed by candles and colors and florals,” says Kleppick. “We always suggest having candlelight, so regardless of everything else we are going to try and use [candles] to make it the most romantic setting.”

For inspiration on how to make a sweetheart table intimate and romantic, take a look at six real sweetheart tables from Pittsburgh weddings.


Rachel Gresh & Kevin Schwind
Florist: The Farmer’s Daughter
Reception Venue: University Club
Photographer: Alison Mish Photography

At the University Club in Oakland, Rachel and Kevin designed a table to resemble a modern English garden. Working closely with their florist, they made the arrangement the same green and white colors as their guest tables but enhanced it so it could serve as a statement piece.

“I wanted something romantic with a focus on florals. We felt that a sweetheart table was perfect for us because although it was a big celebration with our friends and family, we wanted our table for the two of us to be intimate,” says Rachel.


Brianne Sauers & John Wentz
Florist: Johanna’s Garden
Reception Venue: Riverfront Weddings
Photographer: Graceful Fawn Photography

Wanting their reception space to look clean and elegant, Brianne and John made sure the greens and votives placed on their sweetheart table matched the decor on the guest tables. The table linen was a shade of light pink to make the sweetheart table stand out. Brianne’s ceremony bouquet sat in a vase, and gold, sparkly Mr. and Mrs. signs sat in front of the greens.

“We chose the sweetheart table so that our bridal party could sit with their significant others and families. I had six on my side and he had eight, which also made it easier instead of having big, long tables upfront,” says Brianne.


Chelsea Haywiser & Jason Rodemoyer
Florist: Community Flower Shop
Reception Venue: Noah’s Event Venue, Southpointe
Photographer: Jenni Grace Photography

Dreaming of a romantic reception filled with florals but with a boho twist, Chelsea focused on gold tones when designing her sweetheart table with her florist. In the final arrangement, Chelsea’s bridal bouquet — white, light pink and deep red flowers intertwined with greenery — was the centerpiece, and framing the gold flower-laden tablecloth were vases filled with floating candles. The couple’s table sat in front of a white backdrop with twinkle lights, which added to the ambiance.


Camille Goleb & Jeffrey Rigo
Florist: Gold Dust Floral
Reception Venue: Nova Place
Photographer: Ana Massard Photography

Coinciding with their Pittsburgh themed-wedding, Camille and Jeffrey placed a Terrible Towel at the front of their table with miniature Heinz Ketchup bottles nearby. To make their table different from their guests’, the couple sat in chairs resembling thrones. Their centerpiece was a glass sculpture of a bird on a branch to pay homage to their pet bird at home. Each centerpiece glowed from the inside using small pluck lights placed in the center of the wood platforms with landscaping glass placed on top to diffuse the light.

“We love our friends in our wedding party and wanted them to have a nice night out with their dates rather than being stuck at a head table… We placed the sweetheart table smack in the middle of all of the guest tables so that we would literally be surrounded by the people we love,” says Camille.


Julia Cowher & Matt Ruschell
Florist: greenSinner
Reception Venue: Succop Nature Park
Photographer: Dawn Derbyshire Photography

The 1960s and ’70s came to life in Julia and Matt’s bohemian, vintage wedding, right down to their sweetheart table. The newlyweds sat in two large peacock chairs rented from Old Souls Vintage Rentals. On their white linen tablecloth, two cacti the couple grew were featured in vintage, amber-colored glassware. Also on the table were loose flowers that fit in with the couple’s color scheme — dusty green, coral, pink, orange, peach, caramel and burgundy — to achieve their nature-inspired vibe.



Jaclyn Daher & DeVaughn Mitchell
Florist: May Chester Design
Reception Venue: Veltre’s Wedding & Event Centre
Photographer: Leeann Marie Photography

Jaclyn wanted to keep things simple and classic for her sweetheart table, so her florist created one centered around her reception colors — blush, rose, nude and ivory. Candles lined the ground to create a romantic frame, and the newlyweds sat on a love seat rather than individual chairs, which Jaclyn says created “a cozier and more intimate vibe.”

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