2020 40 Under 40 Honoree: Allyce Pinchback-Johnson

“We started a trend of having the most diverse class of 40 Under 40."

Pinchak EliseAllyce Pinchback-Johnson (33)
Founder and CEO
Pinchback Consulting LLC

Allyce Pinchback-Johnson was born and raised in Pittsburgh and educated in Pittsburgh Public Schools, so she has a lot of love for the city. “But I also know the city doesn’t always love me and people who look like me,” she says.

So she set out to be, as she puts it, an “unapologetic disrupter of systems.” Through Pinchback Consulting LLC — the firm she founded in 2017 to support organizations with management, strategic planning and employee development — she continually ensures validation and affirmation for all.

She also points to her work with PUMP, where she served as the first Black, female president. When she joined, it was a predominantly white organization and, together with Pittsburgh Magazine, chose 40 Under 40 classes she felt were not diverse enough to fully represent the city.

“Under my leadership, we started a trend of having the most diverse class of 40 Under 40, and that continues,” she says. “We should be representative of the Pittsburgh we all feel we can live in.”

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