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Top 10 Things to Do in Pittsburgh in December

This month's best bets in The 'Burgh.

Pittsburgh's Can't Miss Concerts in December

This month's lineup includes holiday stalwarts Mannheim Steamroller, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and WYEP’s annual Holiday Hootenanny.

December: Best of Culture in Pittsburgh

Check out some of the finest stage plays, dance performances and exhibits taking place this month in Pittsburgh.

Spotlight: Birds of a Feather

A cross-pollination between BoxHeart Expressions and Phipps Conservatory blooms into “Emergent Patterns,” a nature-centered hat trick of a show featuring three female artists.

Pittsburgh Flicks and Nightlife in December

The best place for breakfast and a movie may be in Dormont.

Book Reviews: “Becoming Andy Warhol”

The Warhol in these pages is avid in his desire for fame and success in the moneyed, chi-chi world of fine art, but he is also contemptuous of the arrogant pretensions of the taste-makers (gallery owners, critics, art patrons).
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Where You Can Relax Like a Rooney in Pittsburgh

Come visit a recently opened spot Downtown that features fine cigars, drinks and a bit of history.

Unusual Events & Things Good to Know in Pittsburgh

This month: The Hunt at Hartwood, Energy Flow at the Rachel Carson Bridge and Pittsburgh-based flavor suggestions for fast food restaurants.

Pittsburgh's Pop Palace

See what treasures can be found at Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff and Music Experience Museum.

Unusual Events & Things Good to Know in Pittsburgh

This month: The Pin Up Perfection Pageant, magician Lee Terbosic comes to Pittsburgh.
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City Guide: The Best Things to Do in the 'Burgh and Beyond

We scour Allegheny County (and beyond) and visit the region’s neighborhoods and municipalities to bring you our favorite things to do, eat, drink, buy and more.

Best Restaurants 2016

Which 33 Pittsburgh-area establishments did our independent Restaurant Review Panel include among its top picks this year? Find them here.

Six Pittsburgh Chefs Who Are Outstanding in Their Field

In addition to awarding Best Restaurant honors this year, our Independent Restaurant Review Panel also voted to recognize six chefs for their contributions to Pittsburgh’s culinary community in 2015.

50 Most Powerful People in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Magazine consulted dozens of power brokers and behind-the-scene players to determine and rank the 50 individuals who, in Pittsburgh, make things happen.
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Sean Collier's Popcorn for Dinner

Ten Upcoming Flicks Every Oscar-Watcher Should See

PM film critic Sean Collier picks ten forthcoming flicks likely to rake in nominations for the 89th Academy Awards.
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After Dark

Why Wait For Summer? Head to Kennywood's Holiday Lights

The park's winter celebration is great for families and a fine choice for anyone who loves Christmas (and/or funnel cake).
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Culture + Entertainment

50+ Things That Will Make You Enjoy Winter in Pittsburgh

Love it or hate it, winter is upon us. Because some of us may think there's a lot not to like, we bring you 50+ things to eat, drink and do –– and some helpful tips –– that'll keep the blues at bay.

Photo Essay: Tending to Their Lots

Welcome to the world inside the booths of parking-lot attendants as seen through the lens of photographer Tom M Johnson.

Idol Find: Pittsburgh Rapper Teams Up with Dad Jimmy McNichol for New Show

Research led Kellee Maize to discover she is the daughter of the former teen singing sensation. Now she and McNichol are teaming up to develop a television series to help other parents and children find each other.
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Talk of the Tahn

Why You Can't Beat The Weather in Pittsburgh in The Winter

I’ve traveled a lot of miles, and I still stare in bewilderment at people who tell me they’ve moved to a place because “You can’t beat the weather.”

Talk of the Tahn: Memories of Holidays Past in the 'Burgh

How many prodigal sons and daughters have come back to Pittsburgh for the holidays and found that sometimes, in the best sense, nothing’s changed.

Talk of The Tahn: Weird Things We Do that Make Pittsburgh Wonderful

The things that are best about us? They’re not things. They’re ways.

Talk of The Tahn: City of Beer

There are plans afoot for a international museum of beer to be built and staffed right here in Pittsburgh.

Talk of the Tahn: One Tough Heaven

Editor’s Note: Meet Pittsburgh Magazine’s new back-page columnist: actor, writer, artist-at-large and rabid Pittsburgher David Conrad. Born in Edgewood but half Philadelphian — which explains the attitude — he’s been a regular on television for 20 years. David divides his time between Los Angeles, New York City, London and Braddock. You’ll find him in this space each month as he delves further into his relationship with Pittsburgh.
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Pitt Girl's Last Laugh

See Yinz: PittGirl Says Goodbye

After writing for seven years about the city for Pittsburgh Magazine and pittsburghmagazine.com, Virginia Montanez is discontinuing her blog and column.

PittGirl to Wooers: ‘Not Today Satan, Not Today’

It only takes one person, one jagoff, one childish, attention-seeking, discourteous jerk to send a woo through PNC Park.

PittGirl, Perseverance, Penguins And a Dream Come True

Dreams evolve — fade, even. But in Pittsburgh, with time and nurturing, they don’t have to die.

Watch This

2014 Pittsburgher of the Year

The Fred Rogers Company

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