Women & Business July 2017: Jasmine Cho

Jasmine Cho is founder of Yummyholic.

Jasmine Cho


Jasmine Cho had dreamed of opening her own bakery since learning to make pineapple coconut squares in high school. In 2010, she began to pursue her dream professionally.

“I ended up creating YouTube videos of decorating and animating cookies,” says Cho, 33. “I sent links to five local bakeries explaining that I had no experience but was willing to start at a job from the very bottom.” 

All five bakeries offered Cho a job, and she became the head cookie decorator for a bakery in Aspinwall. She spent a few years gaining industry experience there and in 2015 started her own online bakery, Yummyholic. 

“The pure act of creating is definitely the most fulfilling and enjoyable part of my work. I always feel like I am creating small works of edible art with every cookie I decorate, and I also love having the freedom to push my creativity when it comes to concocting the flavors for my treats.”

Cho has received numerous awards and recognition for her work, including being named the 2017 Creator of the Year by the Pittsburgh Technology Council and Creative Industries Network. These accomplishments are all the more impressive considering Cho manages all aspects of the business on her own.

“Yummyholic is still a one-woman operation right now, so I am that person wearing every single hat in my business,” she says. “I still handcraft every single cookie and cupcake, cut every single ribbon, handle all deliveries, correspondence, marketing and web design. I do it all!”

Cho, who is originally from Los Angeles but grew up in Honolulu, in Pittsburgh and elsewhere, plans to pursue a degree in art therapy at Carlow University this fall with the goal of eventually developing a bake-therapy program.

“My hope is to eventually operate a café space that gives joy to the general public through my yummy treats and fun decorating classes but to also run a legitimate therapy program that maximizes the healing benefits of baking as art and hands-on creativity.”

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