Women & Business July 17: Julie Bubanovich

Julie Bubanovich is Owner of Precision Copy Products.

​Julie Bubanovich
Precision Copy Products


Julie Bubanovich saw the office supply industry go through a number of changes during her 30 years in the business. One of the most striking changes was the fall of small, independently owned shops and the rise of larger corporations.

“A lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs were selling their business to bigger companies, and the industry was trying to be cookie cutter,” says Bubanovich, 56. “I saw these big businesses trying to streamline, but what works in Philadelphia doesn’t necessarily work here, and what works here doesn’t work in Erie.”

​Bubanovich and her business partners decided to open their own office equipment company that would maintain a personal touch by distributing, selling and servicing its products locally. They opened Precision Copy Products in 2001 and are now located in Clairton. Bubanovich, a Pittsburgh native, runs the sales side of the company and works with a wide range of businesses to improve their workflow and efficiency. 

“We touch so many different kinds of businesses and work with so many different types of customers, from municipalities to churches to various-sized businesses,” she says. 

“Some of our competitors that are branches don’t understand that Greentree and Greensburg, while together alphabetically, are 40 miles apart…We’re a locally owned company with a local warehouse and a local office. With some of our competitors, you call an 800 number. With us, you call a 412 and talk to a real person.”

​Bubanovich, who is president of the Board of the Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka, encourages women to be aggressive in their professional endeavors, an approach she says women often struggle with.

“If there’s a job posting, and it says you have to have these 10 requirements, men will say, ‘I have six, I’m going for it,’ and women will say, ‘Oh, I only have 9.’ You just have to ask. Whether you’re asking for a promotion or a raise. People can say no, but you’ll just never know unless you ask. If you don’t ask, you’ll never get it.”

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