Women & Business: Cindy Powell-Steffen

Cindy Powell-Steffen is the Head of U.S. Device and Software Service in the Radiology department at Bayer

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Cindy Powell-Steffen
Head of U.S. Device and Software Service, Radiology 

When Cindy Powell-Steffen looks for inspiration, she seeks out the words of historical women such as Princess Di.

“A mantra that I live by is, ‘Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you,’” Steffen says, quoting the former Princess of Wales.

The Head of U.S. Device and Software Service in the Radiology department at Bayer, Steffen puts Princess Diana’s words into practice by being involved in the pharmaceutical company’s charitable giving activities and volunteer projects. She says she feels lucky to be a leader in a healthcare company that thinks about patient needs and improving the patient experience.

“As a leader, I find this very inspirational, and it makes me want to do more in the community and within my team to challenge ourselves to address some of the healthcare complexities,” she says.

The McSherrystown, Pennsylvania, native joined the company in 2006 as a North American sales operations manager and has held roles in sales, operations management and brand activation. Now, she supervises 160 people, including a field-based engineering team in charge of the 24-hour upkeep of Bayer Radiology power injectors.

Along with improving patient care, Steffen says her involvement in diversity and inclusion initiatives and mentoring others are her proudest career highlights. She started GROW, the women’s leadership group for Bayer, and is an active career coach and mentor. In 2017, she received the Luminary Award from the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, given to women who have more than 20 years of professional industry experience who serve as a role model in their company, actively mentor and sponsor others, help advance other women’s careers and exhibit dedication to the healthcare industry.

According to Steffen, mentorship and coaching fulfill different needs for working women.

“Mentorship is being an advocate, speaking for others to help them grow their career and get new opportunities,” she says. “Coaching is very situational but equally important to guide others to solve problems and serve as a sounding board,” she says.

Steffen advises other women in business to not wait to assert themselves, even if it pushes them outside of their comfort zone.

“If I bring it back to my current role, it was a risk for me and certainly outside of my comfort zone, but I am proud to bring new thinking and experience to this industry, and I love the daily challenges,” she says.

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