Women & Business April 2017: Dina L. Clark

Dina L. Clark is head of Diversity & Inclusion at Covestro LLC.

Dina L. Clark
Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Covestro LLC


Dina L. Clark is Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Covestro LLC, a polymer manufacturer that develops materials for automotive, construction and electronics industries, among others. As such, she works with her colleagues, customers and community to ensure the company’s work force and culture is diverse, inclusive and innovative. Clark jokes she was destined for this role.

“If you look at my name as an acronym, DINA stands for Diversity and Inclusion in North America,” she says. “I love this work, both professionally and personally. I always have.”

Clark has made tremendous strides in developing and strengthening the diversity and inclusion strategy across the company, including the establishment of the North American Diversity Council. 

“My true passion for this role comes from the honor of working with my colleagues every day. Every time an opportunity is created to connect people across the business, or to learn from each other, a platform is created for strengthened teamwork. This supports inclusion, which in turn drives innovation.”

Clark is busy outside of work raising her 14-year-old son and pursuing a doctorate in education from Point Park University. She is also on the board of directors for the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, which supports the FBI’s community outreach. Clark has received numerous recognitions for her work and community service, including the Homer S. Brown Spirit Award from the Allegheny County Bar Association and the “Go to Bat” Community Engagement Award from the Pittsburgh Pirates and State Farm Insurance. 

“I sometimes wish I could wave a magic wand and add more hours to the day, so I can accomplish everything on my wish list,” she says. “As women, we often feel the added pressure to triple check that our ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed, which doesn’t allow much room for the welcomed mistakes that are essential in building a stronger leader. My advice: embrace everything about this leadership journey, even the mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall short of perfection. This career journey is just that…a journey.”

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