Where We're Drinking This Month

North Side's Monterey Pub is a little taste of Ireland — and Pittsburgh, too.


North Side pub serves Irish favorites
We understand that Monterey Pub is a “little taste of Ireland” — but it’s a “little taste” of Pittsburgh, too; step inside the cozy joint to see everyman types unwinding at the bar, sipping Guinness and noshing on potato pancakes. Here, the mood is calm and times are jolly. You can’t go wrong with the classics — the bangers and mash is a local favorite (and for good reason).

(Monterey Pub, 1227 Monterey St., North Side; 412/322-6535, montereypub.com)
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Beto's receives praise from New York mag blog
Fact: 'Burghers love Beto's Pizza — so much so that there's always a 30-minute (or longer) wait for carryout orders.
There's something about the pre-baked dough with sauce and  heaping pile of cold cheese (and other toppings) that gets us every time — and apparently Grub Street, too. Beto's was recently mentioned in New York magazine's Grub Street list of "101 Awesome American Pies (and Slices)". This calls for a celebration. Who's buying a few square cuts?

Aspinwall bakery preps for V-Day with push-pop
Everything at Bella Christie & Lil Z's Sweet Boutique is bright and cheery, right down to the pink tutus the "sugar fairies" sport. As the crew gets ready for Valentine's Day, the shop is full of themed Rice Krispie treats, cookies and more — but the standout is the red-velvet push-pop. Three layers of red-velvet cake, separated by thick cream-cheese icing, fill the pop; the subtly sweet treats make perfect little gifts. And those with self-control are rewarded, as there's a replaceable cap, making it easy to tuck away the treat for later.

(Bella Christie & Lil Z's Sweet Boutique, 213 Commercial Ave., Aspinwall, 412/772-1283, asweetboutique.com)

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