When Did This Happen? Sid the Kid Is 30

We have written much about the Penguins captain –– including two cover features –– since his arrival in Pittsburgh in 2005. In honor of his 30th birthday, we revisit our five favorite Sidney Crosby stories.

Ice Man Cometh

It's a great day for hockey as 18-year-old Sidney Crosby brings salvation to the Penguins and the league.
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Photos courtesy of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Rascal Dupuis is in Sidney Crosby's Bathroom

Pascal Dupuis is in Sidney Crosby’s bathroom, and he’s up to no good. The world’s greatest hockey player has stepped out of his hotel room for a few minutes, and it’s the perfect window for Dupuis to commence the delicate engineering of a booby trap. He lifts the heavy porcelain lid off the toilet, looks down into the tank and chuckles.
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Don't Trust Sidney Crosby with Your Car Keys

Sidney Crosby is a lot of things. He’s ruthlessly competitive while simultaneously devoid of an ego. He is a wine connoisseur who spends flights to and from arenas playing videogames with goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. He is a taskmaster at practice who just so happens to play pranks on his teammates in the middle of the night.
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Photo by Dave Dicello


A Sidney Crosby Surprise: His Good Memory Makes Memories

There are many reasons Sidney Crosby is a fan favorite –– and those reasons extend well beyond what he does on the ice. Consider the story of Patricia Lingley-Pottie, an avid hockey fan who lives about a half-hour from Crosby's hometown of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Earlier this month, her doorbell rang, and she looked out a window to see Crosby standing on her front porch. Wearing just a bikini because of the hot weather, she ran upstairs to change clothes while her daughter, Madisyn, let Crosby in. 
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Crosby's Breakaway Goal, Yeah You Want to Watch It Again

Sidney Crosby's unassisted goal was his third game-winning score in the series against Tampa Bay. (2016 Stanley Cup playoffs)

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