What We're Eating: Osteria 2350

Plus, 314 Pasta & Prime brings family-style takeout to Oakmont and Shady Grove offers half-price Mondays.

Strip District Eatery Serves Inexpensive Italian

Osteria 2350 dishes out simple Italian fare that can be enjoyed anytime (especially as takeout). You can order massive homemade meatballs (basically the size of your fist), covered in marinara sauce and cheese for just $2.50 each. Or a fresh arugula salad topped with Gorgonzola, roasted red peppers and balsamic vinaigrette for three bucks. Even the pasta entrées, which feature noodles from Fede’s, won’t break the bank. In the mood for riccolina (pictured), rigatoni or maybe some cavatelli? Good news: It’s all here.

(Osteria 2350, 2350 Railroad St., Strip District; 412/281-6595, osteria2350pittsburgh.com)

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314 Pasta & Prime Brings Family-Style Takeout to Oakmont

Back in November, chef Dave Racicot broke some shocking news via his blog: He was closing notion, opening a casual eatery in its space and preparing to reopen notion in East Liberty later this summer. As promised, Racicot opened the doors of 314 Pasta & Prime, a family-oriented community restaurant, in mid-January. Completely different than its predecessor, 314 dishes out familiar food with an Italian flair. The lunch and dinner menus feature similar offerings (like a build-your-own pasta option) — but dinner also brings noodle entrées (think fusilli and bucatini) as well as a few meat options.

Recently, Racicot added 314 at Home, dubbed "family-style meals to go;" patrons can choose any pasta or chicken meal and receive house salad and bread, too. Are you hungry but don't want to cook? Call in your order and let the 314 team take it from there.

(314 Pasta & Prime, 314 Allegheny River Blvd., Oakmont; 412/828-7777, pastaandprime.com)

Shady Grove Offers Half-Price Grub, Drinks

Eat Street, just like anyone else, is always on the hunt for delicious, inexpensive grub. Of course, fine-dining establishments are appealing (and offer some of the tastiest culinary creations), but sometimes the simplest foods are the ones we love most. Take burgers, for instance. This American staple has become increasingly popular throughout the last year or so, as numerous gourmet-burger joints opened across the region.
Even so, it's nice to enjoy this classic while still going easy on the wallet. Which is where Shady Grove comes in. Each Monday, you can walk into the Shadyside establishment and order your choice of burger (there are five total) with a heaping pile of fries … for just $4.50. Yep, all of that for less than five bucks. And just because the burgers are cheap doesn't mean they're low-quality or bland: Order the flavorful fresca burger, and you won't be disappointed; a cooked-to-order angus patty is topped with cheddar and pepper-jack cheeses, guacamole, and salsa fresca.
Bonus: If you stop in during Shady Grove's happy hour, you can not only order cheap grub, but also half-price cocktails. For those with a case of the Mondays, this couldn't be a better remedy.

(Shady Grove, 5500 Walnut St., Shadyside; 412/697-0909, eatshady.com)

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