Welcome to the New Pittsburgh Magazine

We have upgraded our site for a seamless experience on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Enjoy.

Photos by Dave DiCello


It’s been quite an eventful few years for Pittsburgh Magazine in the digital space. We’ve more than quadrupled our audience since relaunching our website in 2010, We won back-to-back CRMA Blog of the Year Awards for Pulling No Punches and Brazen Kitchen. We welcomed users from more than 250 different countries — from Canada to Kazakhstan — for our exclusive interview with Evgeni Malkin. We even crowned the Cutest Pet in Pittsburgh.

So we thought it was the perfect time to reward our readers for their loyalty.

Starting today, our upgraded website features a responsive design that will seamlessly scale the layout of text, photos, videos and advertisements from huge 27-inch iMac display all the way down to an iPad or an Android smartphone.

We’re now fully optimized for mobile devices. No more squinting. No more pinch-to-zoom. Try it out for yourself. Just expand and contract your browser window to see what happens with this beautiful photo of Pittsburgh by Dave DiCello.

Please keep in mind that our launch is a work in progress, so if you see any formatting issues or bugs, feel free to let us know via Twitter or in the comments section below. As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for being our digital neighbor.


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