We Believe Every Child Deserves a Champion

Each year, Pressley Ridge helps thousands of children learn, grow and thrive through the support of a safe, caring foster home until they can return home or become adopted.

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At Pressley Ridge, Our treatment foster care program ensures children are safe in a nurturing environment until they can return home or become adopted. The children, who range in age from babies to young adults, have had difficult experiences in their life. Removal from their home can cause further trauma, and our treatment parents provide the love, care, skills and supervision to help them overcome these experiences. Treatment parents help children keep connections with family and friends and encourage their participation in community and recreational activities.

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Pressley Ridge treatment parents receive advanced training and support centered on the importance of a strong relationship between the treatment parent and youth. Using a trauma-informed approach, parents are taught that behavior can change, and youth can learn the skills necessary for effective living.

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Who Can Become a Foster Parent?

Caring people are needed to help the children. Foster parents can be from any race or faith background; married, single, or in a partnership; working or retired. Pressley Ridge welcomes and supports LGBTQ adults who are interested in becoming foster parents.

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Pressley Ridge treatment parents must:

  • Meet state, local and federal clearance standards
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Have a primary source of income
  • Have an adequate bedroom for a child

Treatment parents are key members of the team and work directly with children on changing behaviors and building new skills. You can be the child’s champion and an important partner in helping us to treat the child’s needs.

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